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Leading the Mustang Hobby since 1994 with excitement and excellence!

The day it all started in April of 1994, Mustangs Across America Inc breaks out and leads hundreds of Mustangs across the United States on a history making adventure. We haven't stopped yet.


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Steed Publications is a dedicated full-time online news network committed to informing and enlightening enthusiasts. There are dozens of Mustang websites out there to invest your marketing dollars with. So why choose TheMustangNews?

Content: We are journalists who provide news content that goes beyond "cutting and pasting" press releases, posting photos on a web forum, and using swim-suit models to build an audience. TheMustangNews is content-rich with credible and interesting news that readers come back for every day. Best of all our readers don't have to scroll through pages of forum posts to get to the story. Our understanding of the automotive industry and its corporate culture gives a depth to our presentation and reporting that is uncommon anywhere on the net. All of these characteristics translate to a readership who spends more time on our site doing research, romancing, and learning about Ford and Mustangs.

Network: Best of all we can provide tailored programs for just one of our sites or a network broadcast across our family of Ford and Mustang websites! We have built a collection of Mustang and Ford related websites that each touch a different element of the Mustang and Ford enthusiast base, and offer sponsors a variety of options.

Other Steed Publications Network Sites:

www.SVTUSA.com - SVT Ford Product Enthusiast Forums & News Site

www.FnSweet.com - Roush Vehicle Enthusiast Forums & News Site

Credibility: We have a long term establishment within the Mustang hobby and grass roots relationships with people across the country and around the world who make things happen. This gives us an innate advantage of knowing what the core Mustang enthusiast is truly seeking in a news site. Moreover we meet our readership face to face regularly, we have answer to them.

Coverage: In covering the news we travel to the big events that help set the tone of the Mustang Realm such as Barrett-Jackson, Detroit Auto Show, industry press events, open track and regional Mustang shows to name a few. Our unique format of a static news site that is updated daily and a well moderated forum cultivates a high level demographic of repeat visitors who not only spend more time on our site, but come back to see what is new each day.

Professional: This is no passing hobby or a fan site. We provide an outstanding forum for manufacturers, vendors, event promoters and other services to present their message. Our staff has over 20 years of combined marketing and advertising experience managing millions of dollars in media buys and production in all forms of media from print, internet, television, and radio. This means that we have the talent, the knowledge and the wisdom to provide your organization with a professional and quality service experience that is second to none. You will never have your product or company image compromised with questionable content with TheMustangNews.

Options: We offer a range of options from simple spot banner rotations to complete marketing programs that include an integrated campaign of advertisements, forum sponsorships, and product showcasing though editorial content. Because we ourselves use this and other internet sites to advertise our retail and event businesses, we know very well what works and what doesn't. In addition, we can provide graphic design services, campaign consulting and supercharged event launch promotions.

Growth: We don't have the highest traffic of all Mustang sites yet but we are gaining on our industry peers quickly. What sets us apart today is the fact that we are the only Mustang and Ford news network on the web that takes our business as seriously as you do yours. Our driving passion is to provide the best product and value for both our readership and sponsors. We have have a growing cadre of readers who know the first place to go when they want to really find out about the latest Ford and Mustang news.

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