SEMA 2007: Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang

What happens when you combine a brand new V-10 powered Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mustang GT? Umm, well you get the Tractorri Mustang. There were many other cars that made you stop at first glance and drop your jaw because you could not grasp it. But this one made our minds short circuit until we could climb around it, look in and underneath it and figure it out.

John Haugh of Cleveland, Ohio built this custom creation starting with a new Lamborghini and a new Mustang. The Tractorri has the full mid-engined all-wheel drive train from the Gallardo which of course includes the exotic 520 hp V-10 engine and sequential shifting transmission.

The visual cues that really give it away is the rear flanks which sport Gallardo taillights and see through venting that show off the hardware. The Lamborghini brake calipers make you scratch your dome as well.

Inside the car, Haugh combined the interiors of the two cars seamlessly with the complete dash assembly from the Lamborghini, premium seating and other treatments that seem right at home with the Mustang door panels.

An Italian car enthusiast who owns a number of Ferraris and Lambirghinis already, Haugh says the car took just under a year to complete and that he plans to drive it regularly. We commend his bold creativity in building a Mustang that stands out from the crowd!

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