2010 Camaro WT Package Confirmed

Confirming earlier rumors of a “heritage edition” of the new 2010 Camaro that would appeal directly to their largest fan base, deep sources inside GM have signaled that the Camaro WT is indeed headed for production later this summer.

Available on both the V6 and SS models, the WT package will celebrate the look and theme that has appealed to thousands of Camaro owners and fans in modestly priced neighborhoods and manufactured home developments. The decision was made after initial market launch of the new 2010 Camaro was not bringing enough brand loyalists into the dealerships.

“It was a controversial subject in our meetings”, says our inside source at GM. “Do we really go for it and offer straight from the factory the genuine article? Or do we let time and the JC Whitney’s of the world take their course. Many people were against the WT package, wanted to keep the new model clean of its past. In the end we need to sell cars and we think the WT edition will speak to the soul of our Camaro buyer base. It was time get honest with ourselves. It was come to Jesus time for us ”.

Similar to the concept photos shown, the production version of the new WT edition will feature mis-matched body panels in most factory colors. A new matte clear coated “distressed” primer finish unique to the WT package will also be randomly applied to various panels using a new patented paint process at the Ontatio, Canada production facility. Wheels will include a variety of up to 3 different 20” styles randomly installed on the production line as well. Attention was paid to assure that wheel weights were all different to assure a genuine WT driving experience that Camaro loyalists will expect.

“We are able to create these unique cars pretty easily in our plant by simply changing the computer programming on the line. We mix up the wheels, doors, hoods, and other body panels randomly and bolt them on. Every car will be different, further making the WT package more desirable to our customers,” said our inside source. Each WT Camaro will come with a numbered plaque on the console, though GM is not planning to limit production.

2010 Camaro

Inside, the WT package will feature a unique leatherette upholstery with pre-printed tears and duct tape patches. The Camaro design team wanted to use genuine duct tape for seating surfaces but they found durability issues that might create warranty hassles. In addition GM worked with 3M to create the new leatherette material which is resistent to minor burns caused by a cigarette cherry for example.

A roll of genuine GM logo duct tape will come in the trunk of every WT Camaro to allow customers to customize their car however. There will also be a selection of “heritage” graphics packages buyers can have dealer installed to further personalize their Camaro.

Other standard items in the package include the smokers group which replaces cup holders with a large ashtray. Inside the console storage compartment is a cooler that can hold a six pack of 12oz cans. An enlarged locking glove box with thick foam floor will now accommodate most handguns and an extra ammunition clip without rattling around.

“This is the ****ing ****”, said Toby Van Sander, a long time Camaro owner and enthusiast we spoke to in Tennessee. “It’s a ****ing badd-ass ride man! Chevy rules and Ford sucks! Found On Road Dead, yep this new Camaro is gonna kick some serious Mustang ass! Whoo hoo! **** yeah!” The sentiment seems to be unanimous across the group of Camaro owners and enthusiasts who are stoked that Chevrolet has creating this special edition just for them.

The package price is pretty steep at $1885, but that is the price of individuality. GM says it expects most buyers will pair the WT package with the V6 Camaro to save on both the purchase price and insurance costs. Inside market research showed that most potential buyers are sensitive to vehicle and insurance prices due to challenged driving records, child-support, court ordered debt repayments, and other legal encumbrances.

Asked if he was going to buy one Van Sander said, “**** an A! I sure as ****ing plan to as soon as I can afford one. “ He laughed casually and added, “That car is gonna take a lot of ****ing gas station robberies……just kidding.” Our calls to Ford Motor Company asking how they planned to respond to this new competitive threat to the 2010 Mustang were not answered.

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