Buying A 2012 Boss 302 Mustang Will Be Challenging

If you are seriously thinking about getting yourself one of the new 2012 Boss 302 Mustangs next year, you had better already be in contact with your local dealers. And if you want the ultra limited Laguna Seca edition Boss 302, you had better be ready to do some serious horsetrading.

According to a recent memo released to Ford dealers, the new Boss 302 production will not only be limited, but cars will be allocated to dealers using a scoring system and a lottery system. This means that only the top sales performing dealerships will be getting many of the cars. Lower tier dealers in small towns or those who don’t sell many Mustangs may not be getting any at all.

The memo outlines that Ford dealers will have to “earn” the opportunity to buy the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang from the factory. Two methods are outlined to decide what dealerships will get how many of the highly sought after cars.

The first method is “share of nation”, of which 75% of Boss 302 production will be distributed.  Dealerships on the list that sell a high amount of Mustangs, listed as 75% of the nation will be given at least one Boss 302. Any additional allocations will be based on actual sales numbers. This means if they are on the list of dealers selling 75% of Mustangs, they get one. If they really move them they may get the opportunity to get additional units.

The second method of allocation is a straight up “lottery” to which the remaining 25% of production will be allocated.. Dealerships not included in the top tier 75% of nations sales for Mustangs, will each get one chip for being a dealer and one chip for each Mustang they have sold in the past year. Because there are more dealers than 2012 Boss 302’s to be allocated in the lottery, not all dealers will get one. These dealers can only get one of them through the lottery.

The Laguna Seca Edition Boss 302’s will be allocated in a second lottery only allocation program, meaning that most dealerships will only be getting one, if they get one at all.

What this means to potential buyers out there is that like the GT-500 back in 2007, the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang will be going to the highest bidders. With dealerships in most cases only getting one, two or three of the cars for 2012 if they get one at all, they will be holding the hostage with huge mark ups. Count on it.

If you want one bad enough, you need to contact your dealership now and get in line. Secondly, you better be stacking up some cash because it isn’t likely anyone will be selling them at MSRP.

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